Metal Hammer – Uneven Structure – Awaken on MUZU.TV

In January I wrote a rave review of Uneven Structure upon hearing a preview of their forthcoming album.

Last night I watched the brand new video for “Awaken” at Metal Hammer and wondered to myself, “What did I think was so great about these guys?”

And then the chorus kicked in and I remembered — sort of. These guys are like the Soilwork of djent; plenty of brutality in the verses with soaring, epic, clean-sung choruses that are just this side of tasteful, somehow avoiding cheesiness. Their singer also happens to be a rather imposing looking bald dude, and he happens to be quite good too, which helps. Still… I’m just not quite as blown away as I was the first time I heard the aforementioned sampler, which I appreciated because it seemed to be more atmospheric than brutal. Perhaps my djent fatigue hadn’t set in yet. I really like the way this video is shot though; it looks dandy, especially the non-performance parts.

In any case, you’ve all surely got ears and brains of your own, so why listen to me when you can watch the new video / hear the new song and decide for yourself? Tell me what you think. Februus will be released on October 31st via Basick Records, and Uneven Structure will appear at the MS-sponsored Euroblast Festival later this month.



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