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Have you ever stayed in a situation when you knew deep down inside that it was already doomed? I believe in the power of positive thinking a rational amount. That is, if I keep my mind focused on the right shit, the right shit happens in my life. If I focus on the wrong shit, the wrong shit happens. Either way, shit happens, but at least it’s the right shit. Or closer to right than it would have been otherwise. You definitely have some measure of control over some of the outcomes in your life.

But sometimes you just know that some shit is going to come out bad. No amount of positive focus is going to save you when the plane is crashing. It’s going down because of factors outside your control.

Ever noticed how people deny and deny that shit is going wrong when it’s plain as day that the situation is fucked? They stick with it through and through. Because they’re cocky enough to believe that they can turn the wrong shit into the right shit.

Maybe if some of that cockiness were converted into confidence in their own intuition, they wouldn’t be on the ship when it sank.

Knowing when to quit is just as important as knowing when to start.

There’s nothing wrong with that.


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