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</a><span class=If anyone needs any proof that the “New Wave of Thrash Metal” party is over, they should listen to Worlds Torn Asunder. It’s not that the record is offensively bad. Not by a damn sight. It’s just that there’s nothing here we haven’t heard before, at least twenty times, since Reign in Blood dropped in 1986.

Originality in and of itself isn’t a good thing. It would be way worse if Warbringer had made a self-consciously “progressive” record with little in the way of riffs, beats and hooks. But this record is just more of the same we got on War Without End and Waking Into Nightmares, two records that had me stoked on thrash for the new millennium.

The intra-band strife and lineup changes that Warbringer have suffered are no secret. I wouldn’t be surprised if they played some role in this mediocre record. Still, I can’t help but wonder if thrash has played its last note for a while. The bands doing interesting stuff with thrash have either gone towards groove metal, or technical thrash, or both — check out Diamond Plate’s full-length debut, for example. Meanwhile, the cutting edge of the traditionalist metal revival lies in bands like Holy Grail and other neo-speed metallers.

Bottom Line: If you like thrash, you’re probably a die-hard Warbringer fan and nothing I say is going to make any difference anyway. If you like good tunes, regardless of genre, skip this one.

REVIEW: WARBRINGER’S <EM>WORLDS TORN ASUNDER</EM>” width=”49″ height=”60″ /></a><a href=REVIEW: WARBRINGER’S <EM>WORLDS TORN ASUNDER</EM>” width=”49″ height=”60″ /></a>
<p>(2 out of 5 horns)
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