Where the hell do we stick Huntress in this current feminist metal movement debate? Juilliard-educated vocalist Jill Janus (a.k.a. “Tuesdae”) has clearly got a set of pipes and a legitimate love for good ol’ fashioned no-bullshit metal (in other words, not stupid scene shit), and, on top of that, she is clearly not at all shy about exploiting her totally excellent body to get the attention of drooling betas like me. Is it wrong of her to do so? Should she be trying to get notice for her talents alone? Or, ya know, if ya got it, flaunt it? I mean… the advantage she has over, say, those twins from that one band is that I think people would actually pay attention to Huntress even if Janus looked more like this than this. On the other hand, I do not mind looking at this one bit. The liberal, politically-correct mind boggles.

Consider your position as you enjoy the group’s new video, “Eight of Swords,” which debuted on on Noisecreep today, and is available for your viewing pleasure below. It’s actually pretty epic, and, yes, you do get to see quite a bit of Janus’ cleavage.

You can also download “Eight of Swords” for free here.


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