Hipsters Out Of Metal!



The last thing a rock writer wants to do is to over-praise a killer new band, thereby upsetting the gentle balance of listener interest vs. listener expectation. So it’s by summoning every shred of restraint in my being that I don’t froth and foam about awesome Dutch occult-rockers The Devil’s Blood here on MetalSucks every goddamn day, or at least often enough to nauseate even their biggest supporters.

Granted, that self-control of mine is weak enough to allow for persistant drug, sex, and candy addictions, so in the spirit of meeting me halfway, I ask The Devil’s Blood to maybe tone down their blaring awesomeness — just so it’d be easier for me to shut the hell up about them. So far no such luck: In the run-up to their second album’s EU release — details of its US edition coming soon to MetalSucks so sit tight! — The Devil’s Blood has weekly premiered a beautiful and scary “art teaser” clip (above, more after the jump), each with about a minute of new music from the forthcoming album, The Thousandfold Epicentre. Sigh. Thanks for your “cooperation,” The Devil’s Blood.


The Devil’s Blood announces a US release date for The Thousandfold Epicentre soon. No importage necessary :)

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