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And if you think I’m insulting Jett, you should know that I am not. He quite literally goes around smelling women’s asses in the below video, which has been given the wonderful title “Booty Smells Good Doe.” He even got some friends to help him out, I guess because there were just too many butts for one man to sniff all by himself.

The video is kinda NSFW since it begins with a naked tush and then features many more rear ends in thongs/boy shorts/etc. But even without the nudity and revealing underwear, you probably don’t what your boss/mom/librarian/whatever seeing you watching a video with lots of dudes smelling lots of dudess’ brown eyes, because, well, let’s be real, that is not socially acceptable behavior unless you’re a dog.

Now seems like a good time to remind you that Terror are currently on the God Damn tour The Acacia Strain, Stray from the Path, Harm’s Way. Get remaining dates so you can let Nick Jett smell your booty here.


[via Stuff You Will Hate]

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