Hipsters Out Of Metal!


  • Anso DF

I get that the internet is still a new and evolving thing that we’re all getting used to. Over time, we’ll improve at clearly expressing ourselves, at not overreacting to good/dumb stuff, and at non-paranoid interaction with our peers. It’s a certainty. The name-calling and nit-picking and reflexive negativity and misspeaking will fade away as we all smile up a bit. Let’s go for it!

I bring this up cuz I occasionally offend people right here on MetalSucks. But it’s usually when a subject or reader rushes to a conclusion or otherwise assigns his/her own meaning to words I use. For example, anyone can state a judgement of value (e.g., Mustaine’s solos reek) but that doesn’t mean we can by fiat stretch that statement however we wish (e.g., Mustaine reeks). That’s just bad logic :)

On top of that, I don’t get why it’s so hard to remember that even if one states that Mustaine reeks, or even Megadeth reeks, it doesn’t even mean anything! It certainly doesn’t follow that one dislikes or dismisses or wishes away Megadeth or Mustaine or his guitar solos or, not least of all, his fans (you)! No, we’re all permitted to point out weaknesses of great things (crappy chops on Megadeth classics), and strengths of wack things (great production on Lostprophets albums) without wider implication. And we’re all allowed to like crappy stuff! I could go on and on but hey my thrust here has already been summed up neatly by Slaughter (above): Let our default setting be cheerful respect and good reading comprehension!! Hugz!


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