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  • Axl Rosenberg

Jesus doesn’t have time to end world hunger or stop war or just return and make his followers shut up about it already, but he does watch Polish reality shows, and he was not happy about Nergal, that Satan worshipping bastard, being a judge on that country’s version of the reality program The Voice (in which some celebrity judges look for the next great blah blah blah). And so, recently, Nergal was fired from that program.

But I guess not before he’d already filmed a few episodes, ’cause now Heavy Blog is Heavy has video of him rocking out to some lady covering Maiden, and giving her some advice, as well. Check it out below.

And here’s the translation of what Nergal was saying (also courtesy of HBiH), in case you don’t, y’know, speak Polish:

“Monica, you sang and I thought – my girl! Listen, you must know the story behind it. There were actually two e-mails. I wrote that the expectations are big and everyone expect you sing Tina Turner, and you know what? I want you to sing Iron Maiden and you will get those people love you. And that will be great! So she wrote me back – yes boss. And you know what? She is that kinda of girl, not only music-wise, but generally in real life, who will handle every situation and get things done. (Monica) You will sing another live TV show and you will make an art out of this. That’s funtastic. (…) I’m sorry for the comparison but you are a troian horse. I’ll explain why. I made it all in purpose. Vocalist of this band, Bruce Dickinson, had got an offer to be a trainer in The Voice of England, but he refused explaining that it was a ballock and that he wouldn’t take part in this TV Show. And then I thought – you will sing this song and make it rock leaving the competition behind, it’s well known that world is small, tomorrow the song will be on-line and some day, who knows maybe tomorrow or in a year, Bruce Dickinson will see this performance from The Voice of Poland and he will get small even though he isn’t tall at all. He will get that small, turn red and he will feel stupid and he will have to retract those words.”

So I guess jokes about Bruce Dickinson’s height are knee slappers in any language, huh? It’s good to metal transcends cultural divides.


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