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  • Axl Rosenberg

Yesterday we all got in a tizzy because Faith No More recently played a song live that none of us have ever heard before, and suddenly we were all like OMG IS THAT A NEW FNM TRACK?!?! Now vocalist/demigod Mike Patton has revealed that the track isn’t new, really… it’s just never been played before.

In an interview with Movieweb.com, Patton was asked if the band would be playing any b-sides from King for a Day… Fool for a Lifetime when they perform that album in its entirety in Chile later this week, to which the singer/madman responded, “We are doing a tune we’ve never done from that era. I guess that would be a B Side. I don’t know if we released that at all… I don’t know (laughs)!” Then, when asked about the possibility of a new FNM album, Patton went on:

“There are no plans. That is all I can say. We have basically talked very little about it. I think that is because we are really just getting to know each other again. And we are getting to enjoy each other’s company again. We are taking it, and appreciating it for what it is. We are not trying to look too far ahead. That is the honest truth.”

Which, obviously, strongly implies that, no, this so-called “mystery song” is not new. I don’t think it’s fair to classify it as a “b-side,” either, since that implies it was previously released, which I’m assuming it wasn’t, since no one in the entire world recognized it. But it’s really only new to us. Y’know, like re-runs on NBC.

Now hopefully someone from the band will tell us what the damn song is called, or, better still, release an official recording of the track so we can all enjoy it properly.


[via The PRP]

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