On Sunday, September 11, 2011, Jeff “Jeffmetal” Sayers, bassist of Nebraska’s long-running “no coast powerviolence” band Wasteoid, passed away in Lincoln.

I asked Metalsucks to write this piece not so much as a eulogy, even though Jeff was a friend of mine and will be dearly missed. It’s not really national music news, either, as only a fraction of you even know who this band is.

Instead, my memorial is to share Wasteoid — and Jeff’s — other work with the uninformed.

Wasteoid’s biggest accomplishments include their inclusion on Relapse’s This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1 compilation, having their record Total Pukeoid distributed through Relapse, releasing a split with Des Moines’s Black Market Fetus on Six Weeks Records, and an appearance on 2011’s SHORT FAST & LOUD #24 compilation, also on Six Weeks.

Based in Lincoln, Wasteoid played their first show in 1999, eventually becoming a powerviolence/grind three-piece. Their LP Total Pukeoid came out in 2001 on Intolerant Messiah/Cropcircle Records, which was distributed by Relapse for a bit. Their split with Black Market Fetus came out in 2006, and they recorded the tracks for 2008’s This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 1 in 2007 right before guitarist Cooter left the band. The band continued on as a drum-and-bass group, and their first recordings as a two-piece were the tracks on the SHORT FAST & LOUD #24 comp. This was the band’s last recorded material.

Wasteoid played shows all the time in Nebraska and beyond. They were the first local band I saw once I moved to Lincoln when they opened up for MDC in 2005 and they immediately blew me away. They’ve done a ton of tours, mostly to California and back. The band played the UGZ Speed Trials at 924 Gilman twice, most recently in 2010.

Jeff was also an accomplished artist. In addition to doing artwork for his own bands, Jeff created album covers for Agents of Satan, Lycanthropy, Noisear and Black Market Fetus, as well as covers for local bands Deadechoes and Billy Knuckles.

Jeff did vocals for the band Manslaughterer as well, who released the LP Turn Me Loose in 2008. He’s also been involved in the bands Plack Blague, Wombpoop, Fulcrum and others that I’m sure I’m missing.

Jeff was a talented, creative individual in a place where there are few of his kind. He will be missed.


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