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The news that New Zealand progressive death metallers Ulcerate signed with Relapse earlier this month was bittersweet. On one hand I love Willowtip Records, and the dudes who run that label are probably bummed Ulcerate have decided to leave, but on the other hand Relapse is a bigger label that will offer Ulcerate a great shot at breaking new ground. Ulcerate deserve every bit of that shot; their January 2011 album The Destroyers of All is a churning, visceral, crusher of atmospheric (!) death metal very likely to make my year-end list. Stream it in full on Spotify if you haven’t heard it yet.

But where one door closes another one opens: Willowtip have announced the signing of a death metal band perhaps even more fucked up and brutal than Ulcerate, Madrid, Spain’s Wormed. MS reader Dan Wolfson tipped us off to this band’s existence earlier this year, and I’ve been passively anticipating new Wormed music ever since. The band promises a new 2012 release which will be about the end of the world via alien invasion — apparently all of their lyrics are sci-fi themed — because, ya know, I can totally understand what this dude is saying:

01 Uncoloured Plasma Orifices Transported by phlegeton

02 Undeciphering The Inquantificability by phlegeton

Wormed. Get ready.


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