I’m going to put about as much effort into this introduction as Courtney Love puts into being coherent.

We begin our cinemetallic journey today with Arch/Matheos’ new, David Brodsky-directed video, for the song “Midnight Serenade.” It’s a pretty straight-forward dudes-performing-in-a-room-to-an-audience-of-who? video, but, like I said, it was directed by David Brodsky, so it looks fucking gorgeous. And the song ain’t bad, either. The video debuted at; it’s not currently embeddable, but please enjoy the screen cap below, and click here to actually watch the thing.

Next up we have “A Warrior’s Call,” the new Volbeat video which was directed by Matt Wignall. This is also a performance video, although it takes place in a live setting. And while I really do not understand what the world sees in Volbeat and I don’t think this clip is all that interesting, we certainly see worse videos on a fairly regular basis, so, um, yeah.

And we conclude today with “Crows into Swine,” the title track from the new album by Pheroze. Pheroze used to front a metal band called Scar Culture; his new stuff isn’t really metal at all, but it is really, really catchy, and, I think, far better than the (admittedly small amount of) Scar Culture stuff I’ve heard. In this case, the song is actually better than the video, which is really just old silent movie footage (although some of the footage, I admit, is pretty cool)… but if you dig the tune, you can get more info on Pheroze from his official website.


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