Unsigned and Unholy




All of today’s featured unsigned bands share a commonality: they’re all influenced by classic death metal in some way, but don’t play by-the-numbers death metal by any stretch. All three of them take their influences and build upon them with other styles of metal, both new and old. Let’s take a look at new music by Descension Rate, Unbodied, and Last Transgression.

  • Descension Rate: Blackened death with a tinge of doom, like a version of Behemoth that’s not afraid to slow it down and groove from time to time. Super-tight stuff with great playing, a firm sense of melody, and pointed song structures. Skip the intro track and get straight to the meat with their new album Creatures of Discordiastreaming in full on Bandcamp or below:

  • Unbodied: First of all, GREAT fucking band name. Second of all, really good band! Technical post-hardcore-infused grind with some death metal influence in the guitars. Would love to see this band live.

  • Last Transgression: Dying Fetus and Dysrhythmia got together, boned, and had a happy little death metal baby called Last Transgression that’s equal parts heavy, groovy and skronky tech. Really digging this.


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