metalsucks t-shirt

That shirt you see above worn by MS devotee Rob Hinkle is something of a collector’s item; they were part of the FYE Fanpack we released earlier this year for just $9.99 with a 20-track CD sampler and there were only 2,000 made, all of which are now sold out. So hang on to that shirt forever and ever, Rob… in the year 2025 you can sell it on the modern equivalent of eBay for a gajillion dollars, or you can just be that cool dad wearing the vintage metal tee from back in the days before MetalSucks starting sucking. Who am I kidding… MetalSucks already blows. We’re total sellouts! Freakin’ FYE, are you kidding me?

But at least Rob gets something for his troubles, a free box o’ metal swag from the Mansion to be exact, by entering our ongoing Show Us Your MetalSucks contest. You, too, can get a box of free stuff by sending fun pics of yourself wearing MS merch to news[at]metalsucks[dot]net. Do it.

That’s Rob with Mecronos from Dethrace in the background of the above pic, taken at the recent Gwar-B-Q. After the jump, a picture of Rob with Mike Derks (Balsac) of Gwar. As a reminder, several awesome bands are hosting a memorial benefit concert for the family of deceased Gwar guitarist Cory Smoot in Richmond, VA on January 7th.


metalsucks t-shirt


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