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Whether due to cocaine usage, an insatiable desire to create, or some combination thereof, Nachtmystium have, rather miraculously, released new music every year since 2002. And if you thought “Well, 2011 is basically over, so I guess they finally missed a year,” you thought wrong. The band has recorded a new song, “I Wait in Hell,” for a 7″ split with Murmur, which will be available any second now via Inferna Profundus Records. Here’s the band’s statement regarding the track:

“Our track is a total return to form, harking back to the writing styles of Demise and Instinct: Decay. This is a good sneak peak of what’s to come on our next full-length, which we intend to start recording in January / February, 2012 and will be released world-wide on Century Media Records.”

I gotta be honest — the phrase “a total return to form” kinda irks me. ‘Cause “return to form” suggests that the band’s recent work has been disappointing. And while I don’t know if Nachtmystium intended that to mean “The Black Meddle albums weren’t all that great,” that’s how the statement reads. I obviously disagree there — I love Demise and Decay, but I also love the Black Meddle collection, and I don’t feel any particular need to say that one is better than the other — they’re just different is all.

ANYWAY, you can check out a two minute preview of “I Wait in Hell” in the above video, which also includes two minutes of Murmur’s track, “Shuttle I.” Funny enough, the track doesn’t sound all that Instinct: Decay-ish to my ears anyway, but give it a listen and decide for yourself. Then you can pre-order the split here — or, if you prefer, just wait a few weeks, when Century will release “I Wait in Hell” as a digital single via the usual online retailers.


[via No Clean Singing]

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