Hipsters Out Of Metal!


  • Anso DF

When I watch naked sex videos, I avoid the rough/gross stuff (cuz barf) and the solo dildo stuff (cuz yawn), so it’s weird and confusing that I so enjoy internet video of a dude playing drums to Katatonia (above). Like some porn, it’s gross (drummer) and solo (guy gratifying self), so you see the irony. But even though this stud Chris Anderson wears a cymbal company’s logo across his bosom and describes his performance as rusty, the clip looks and sounds awesome and helps fans to visualize the thoroughly tasty and tasteful drums by Katatonia dude Daniel Liljekvist. It’s, like, educational. So there’s no need to feel like a pervert for watching. So why do I cry in the shower afterwards?


Katatonia’s upcoming 20th anniversary show on December 14 in Stockholm will feature former members and other special guests (info here). I hope they do a DVD so I can watch it alone at a motel some night.

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