It’s always refreshing when a member of an older generation of musicians “gets it” and doesn’t come off as sounding like a dinosaur. It’s not surprising that Henry Rollins, who spent decades screaming his lungs out in dive bars and basements, would appreciate the DIY ethos that the Internet and ever-cheapening recording technology offer, but it’s still great to hear someone over the age of 30 acknowledging the pros of the modern musical age instead of waxing ecstatic about how things used to be.

Love his analogy of the major labels as the The Olive Garden and Subway of music with no love put into the product, and I double-love that he even acknowledges the dudes in those bands (even the horrible ones) might be motivated whereas it’s the labels don’t give a shit. Also, priceless Scott Stapp impression at 1:25.

The above clip comes from Bloodied but Unbowed, aka The Punk Movie, released in 2010.


Thanks: Jesse Z.

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