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  • Axl Rosenberg

Being a heavily geocentric, uncultured ‘Merican, I don’t actually know much about the BBC. But I always assumed it was cool, because a) John Peel, b) some really fantastic television programs like the original The Office and Sherlock, and c) everything just sounds better with a British accent. Seriously, the words “You have inoperable cancer, fartknocker,” sound elegant coming off of Dame Judi Dench’s tongue.

But I guess the BBC is just like everything else: shitty as often as not. ‘Cause yesterday we saw this BBC news report from 1994, basically implying that black metal is evil and a danger to our youth and blah blah blah, and now reader Charles Farmer has sent us the below documentary from 2005, which blames “extreme heavy metal music and its preoccupations with violence and satanism” for inspiring some assholes in Italy to commit a murder.

And hey remember when just like a paragraph ago I said that most things are equal parts shitty and not shitty? At some point, do you think people will come to accept that, so they can start behaving a little more rationality? Like, “Oh, yeah, well, these death metal people did some truly heinous shit, but so did those country music people over there, and those hip-hop people over there, that one really big Jon Lennon fan, and holy shit will one of them please get off of his or her ass and do something about Skrillex?”

Here’s part one of the documentary…

…and the rest is after the jump.


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