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I did a really good job of completely ignoring the metal world for the past two weeks, but when I finally glanced at my e-mails, I found dozens of reader tips directing to me a Facebook posting by The Human Abstract’s Henry Selva. You can read the entire statement after the jump, but the TLDNR version is “The Human Abstract is dunzo.” Which is terrific news if you hate great music.

Here’s the statement:

“Fuck. How can I put this?

It was hard enough answering fan question while I was working for Protest the Hero. Folks, we are not looking for a new vocalist. We are not touring anytime soon. I think it’s only fair you guys know that we’re on ‘break or hiatus if you will.’ I don’t know why we haven’t said anything. I guess it’s because there is always that ‘maybe if something happens, etc..etc…’ Or maybe it’s hard for us to realize the reality of our situation, the bands situation, to finally let go. I’ll be honest when I say the folllowing: Periphery and Never Say Die were our last tours together as a band.

It was amazing experience while it lasted. Dean is going back to USC to further his education. AJ, as you know will always continue writing and teaching. Brett, I am sure has something up his sleeve.

Thank you to everyone who came out to show their love for the band and the music. I’m proud to say that I got to perform and record along side such amazing musicians.

Does that answer your question?”

So this news isn’t shocking — in 2011, the band parted ways with a vocalist, a guitarist, a label, and at least one and possibly two managers (I honestly can’t remember at this point), so the writing was pretty much on the wall. And whether it’s a break-up or just a break isn’t really a relevant issue in this day and age; nothing is ever final until someone dies, and bands reunite all the time, so hopefully in a few years THA’ll get back together and none of this will matter.

But for now it’s a real bummer. I just named the band’s latest release, Digital Veil, my favorite album of 2011 a month ago; Vince named it number two on his list. My point being, it’s a great fucking album, and the band is great live, and so of course they’re calling it a day while Asking Alexandria marches ever onward. There is no justice in the world.

The silver lining, I guess, is that maybe now A.J.Minette will have more time to pen some more “Abstract Theory” columns for us. Either that, or he’ll announce he’s breaking into dubstep. With our luck it’ll probably be the latter.


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