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Check out the above cover to Wildernessking’s The Writing of Gods in the Sand EP. Sweet, huh? After the break, check out what Wildernessking and two other unsigned bands — Tharsis They and Transilvanian — sound like.

  • Tharsis They: If you like metal-infused post-hardcore like Converge, Botch and Trap Them, boy oh boy, are you gonna love Tharsis They. Somehow these guys manage to both out-hardcore and out-metal all of the aforementioned bands to concoct a sonic stew of thrashy, gnarly, gut-punching brutality. The Ominous Silence EP is available for free download via the band’s official site. Stream it in full below:

  • Wildernessking: Black metal on the whole has been giving me a severe case of erectile dysfunction lately — it just hasn’t been getting me going the way that it used to — but South African quartet Wildernessking are like a happy little blue pill for my poontang-starved ears, reminding me of that ex-girlfriend of yore with the irresistibly great ass that got me bonered every time. The two songs they presently have available on their Bandcamp page remind me a whole lot of Vertebrae-era Enslaved, with a touch more melodrama.
  • Transilvanian: This Russian hardcore/thrash outfit has apparently visited us from the future: according to their Bandcamp page, the December Reaper album “was released 11 April 2013.” The future sounds pretty sweet, then; these guys remind me a little of DRI and a little of Warbringer, although something tells me they’re singing less about partying and more about Russian T-90 tanks or something.
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