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Iron Reagan is a new band featuring two current members of Municipal Waste (Tony Foresta and Landphil) and one current and one former member of Darkest Hour (Paul Burnette and Ryan Parish), and that information alone should pretty much be enough to get you asking “Where I can hear this band?!?” And the answer is, right here, where the group is giving away their new demo for the low low cost of free.

I’m not clear who’s handling guitar duties — Burnette and Landphil are both bassists by trade, but presumably one of them is now rockin’ six strings instead of four — but that’s beside the point, I guess. ‘Cause the real point is this: the songs, which lean much more towards the Municipal Waste/neo-thrash side of things than the Darkest Hour/melodeath side of things, are more fun than wondering how Alzheimer’s-stricken Reagan was while he was running the United States. And I mean that as a high compliment, because I LOVE wondering how Alzheimer’s-stricken Reagan was while he was running the United States.

Iron Reagan will be playing their first show this Sunday, January 22, in Richmond, VA at Strange Matter; Weekend Nachos and Full of Hell are also on the bill, so if you live in the area you should definitely check that shit out. I do wonder how long the band’s set will be, ’cause this demo features four songs in five minutes. But presumably they have other tunes ready to roll, too, so they can stretch that shit to ten minutes, or maybe even fifteen, if they’re feeling ambitious.

Download the demo here, then weigh in with your opinions in the comments section below.


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