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Unnecessary Roughness with Lazarus A.D.'s Jeff Paulick

I’m not gonna dedicate this blog to how or why the Packers totally fucking blew it. I’m gonna tell it how it is. And by the way, I could give less of a shit who wins this week or who wins the Superbowl as I’m super bitter right now and I will be until training camp next year.

The first game this weekend was by far the best game of the bunch, and probably the best game all year. The Saints turned it over like five times in the first half and STILL were not only in the game but were only one score away from winning. It just shows how fucking good the Saints offense really was this year. Five turnovers, and they still just kept on rifling the ball down the field; they weren’t gonna change their style of play just because San Francisco was having success stopping them. And that is something that is rare in the NFL. Teams get scared and start to try to overcompensate for mistakes and start doing things out of character. The Saints didn’t, they played their ass off and made a game out of what shouldn’t have been a game at all. But all respect goes to San Francisco; they played the best offensive team that I’ve seen since the undefeated regular season Patriots, and they made them look silly. Everyone knew their defense was good, but they played exceptionally well, and when it’s crunch time, that’s when you need to play your best. The final couple of drives where Alex Smith ran the QB draw and then followed up with an amazing TD pass to Vernon Davis, that is winning at its finest. Great play calling, perfect execution, and basically defying all the odds to win the game. It was so great to see Vernon Davis crying after he caught the catch to win the game, because that is a real player playing for the right reasons. There are so many NFL players who do not deserve the size paycheck they get — that goes for all sports really — and you can’t do anything but love Vernon Davis for showing that emotion. Money didn’t matter, that was a team effort on the field, and I hope they win it all.

It was like groundhog day in Foxsborough Saturday night. Tom Brady made a mockery of the Broncos defense. But what wasn’t expected, was that the Patriots defense all of a sudden showed up! What the hell, they looked like a Pro Bowl caliber defense. I don’t know what they drank before the game, but if they play like that against the Ravens, forget it, another mockery will be made. That game pretty much sucked, it was all one sided. Tom threw for like six touchdowns, insane. The best part was at the very end, when forced to punt, TOM BRADY comes out and boots it. That is an ULTIMATE fuck you to Denver and the rest of the league really. It shows how confident this team is, and that wasn’t strategic, that was a statement, we are here to win the Superbowl for the 4th time. It would have been even better if Punter Zoltan Mesko threw a TD pass to Ochocinco… that would have been classic.

The Texans lost to Baltimore as everyone thought they would. T. J. Yates simply didn’t play well enough to beat the Ravens. But don’t credit Baltimore. Baltimore is so back and forth, and that is the reason they will lose to the Patriots on Sunday. They are too inconsistent, and Joe Flacco is the choke king. I expect the Ravens D to play well against Tom Brady and stop them a couple times, but he’s still putting up 35. I don’t see the Ravens offense coming out electric; I think the Patriots have a great game plan prepared, and are gonna come in and shut the Ravens down just like they did to Denver.

Onto the last game: the Packers beat themselves on Sunday. It was the most disappointing game I’ve watched all year. It wasn’t even an epic collapse, it was just pathetic. Nobody showed up to play, so many mental errors, they played like total shit and deserved to lose that game. We’re going to lose a lot of guys next year and we have no cap space to sign anyone new, so it’s gonna be grim. The Giants caused a couple good fumbles, but never really got to Rodgers like they did to Matt Ryan in Atlanta. Their offense didn’t play exceptionally well against us, but they did just enough and had a couple of big plays go their way. Let me rephrase that: we just totally blew it.

San Francisco is going to make the Giants look dumb. They just played the best team in the league and won (yes, I know technically Green Bay was the best team in the league, but everyone knows the Saints were). The Giants shouldn’t be as far as they are, and I would bet everything I have they don’t make it to the Superbowl… but I don’t have much, haha.

Look for Tom Brady to tie Terry Bradshaw for most Superbowl wins by a quarterback. And then look for him in the next three years to do it again and officially be hailed as the best of all time. The guy wins by being great at what he does and makes other players play better because of that. You can’t teach that, you’re born with it.

Only one top offense is left in the mix. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

– Jeff Paulick / Lazarus A.D.

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