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ArgonautsInternet Metal Nerds and real-life metal fans alike have been pretty bonered about Argonauts, the new band featuring vocalist Dimitri Minakakis (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan), guitarist John Adubato (Burnt by the Sun), bassist Brett Bamberger (East of the Wall, The Binary Code’s old touring line-up), and drummer Dave Witte (Municipal Waste + every band ever). Axl saw them live in October and was still raving about it weeks after. Matter of fact, Axl’s sitting on the MS Mansion Porcelain Throne right now and keeps yelling out “Argonauts!” at random intervals.

But it looks as if Minakakis is an Argonaut no longer, according to a post earlier today on Argonauts Facebook page:

Argonauts will be moving on without Dimitri. Scheduling is the issue here…Dimitri just could not commit his schedule fully to what the band needed. We’re bummed, but it’s a reality that came to light. That being said, Chris Alfano (East of the Wall) has stepped up to sing and we will be playing two NJ shows. Details to come

So, that obviously sucks ’cause a lot of folks were especially excited about Dimitri’s participation in the project, but it ultimately makes sense: touring is not for everyone, and I get the impression that Argonauts wanna make a serious go at it. That said, Chris Alfano is an excellent musician as you all know from East of the Wall and I’m sure he’s up to the task. Maybe we’ll get an actual Argonauts record in 2012?


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