• Axl Rosenberg

Back in February of 2010, Machine Head invited a fan who was holding a banner that read “Let Me Play ‘Aesthetics Of Hate’ — Seriously, I Can Play It” up onto the stage to take a crack at that song, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Now they’ve done it again, and while you might be thinking “Yawn! Been there, done that!”, you should know that this time the fan, Anthony Potenza, was just thirteen years old. He even got to use Robb Flynn’s guitar. And unless that guitar was turned way low in the mix or something, it sounds like he did a mighty fine job! And to think, when I was thirteen, the only thing I was doing was masturbating to the bra section of the Sears catalog.

Machine Head are currently on tour with Darkest Hour, Suicide Silence, and Rise to Remain. You can get remaining dates here.


[via Roadrunner’s official website… thanks to Rida for the tip!]

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