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YouTube holds an endless treasure trove of unwittingly hilarious aspiring one-man black metallers. Either that or we’re just being wickedly trolled. This year we’ve already given you Svendorrian and Lord Never, two of the most talented one-man black metal artists to ever walk the face of the earth — seriously, take a look, you’ll be jealous — and today we present Fadades [via Metal Injection], a one-man black metal MACHINE that will make you reconsider what it means to be tr00, cvlt and br00tal… or whatever the French translations of those are.

Fadades clearly understands that the key to being a successful one-man black metal operation in 2012 is having quality green screen effects. He also understands the importance of wardrobe; he must’ve hired a pro fashion consultant for that stuff (srs those boots probably cost hundreds). His facial muscle maneuvering skills are obviously quite developed — sick moves, brah. And DON’T WORRY FOLKS, these videos were all recorded in Surround 5.1! Fire up those rears and your sub, and get ready:

First, Fadades journeys to outer space:

Egyptian pyramids ain’t got NUTHIN on the brutality of Fadades:

And finally, the cold ice and snow of the wintry Alps stands no chance against the steaming hot ire of Fadades:


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