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Attempts by young children (or, really, their overbearing parents) to out-do 8-year old Juliet’s “My First Hardcore Song” were inevitable. Next thing you know we’ll have black metal babies who are tr00er-than-thou the minute they come out of the womb… oh wait.

Today brings us 6-year old Jacob, who starts off his own official response to Juliet by telling her,”You scream like a sissy girl!” Ohhhhh! Them’s fightin’ words. Jacob’s track is like the metalcore version to Juliet’s hardcore, complete with an auto-tuned chorus, and while it’s pretty funny and well-done I think I could totally take this kid on in a dark alley whereas if I saw Juliet I’d turn and run the other way.

I hope Juliet responds to Jacob and tells him what’s what! This is what the metal world has come to, people.


[via Metal Insider]

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