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Rocklahoma 2012 lineup

It’s not exactly news that the once very hairy ’80s revival festival Rocklahoma has eschewed its roots for what’s best described as “Red state rock” or “flyover rock,” but every year when the lineup is announced I cry a little tear inside for the lineups that once were and the lineups that could have been. Since the epic fail that was Rocklahoma 2009, AEG Live has taken over the festival and revamped the format, and presumably it’s working, because this is the third year in a row the festival’s billing has featured bands that were big in the year 2000 instead of the ’80s modern bands. And for the first time ever (I think), there are even a few bands that readers of MetalSucks might enjoy.

I certainly can’t see any self-respecting metalhead shelling out hard-earned Benjamins to travel to a festival headlined by Creed and Chickenfoot, but I’m surprised to see bands like Megadeth, Trivium, and Volbeat on there… shit, I’m even shocked to see Rob Zombie (and holy crap when did he reach headliner status??). Those bands all tour all the time anyway. But if you’re a good ol’ fashioned ‘Merican upholding your Christian values who just likes things the way they are, thankyouverymuch, you’ll actually get a little bit (little bit!) of real metal this year along with your usual dose of generic crap. But then again you’ll probably have to listen to Dave Mustaine praise Jesus and Rick Santorum from the stage, so maybe not.

On second thought, Queensryche is pretty much the most interesting band on this entire bill.

The festival will take Memorial Day Weekend, and more information is available at the official website.


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