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Because the original Guns N’ Roses is never going to reunite and because Velvet Revolver can’t seem to get their shit together to find a new singer, Slash has gone ahead and recorded another solo album. But I’m actually kinda encouraged, because instead of having a bunch of different (and potentially shitty) guest vocalists like on his last outing, he’s just gone ahead and gotten Myles Kennedy to sing on the whole record. And despite the fact that I don’t like Alter Bridge, I think Kennedy is pretty awesome. And my expectations for this album are on the lower side of the thing, so, basically, as long as Slash wrote some reasonably catchy hard rock tunes and there’s no rap version of an old GN’R tune on this release, we should be in pretty good shape.

Of course, it sounds like Slash went ahead and let his seven year-old son name the album — because who besides a seven year-old thinks Apocalyptic Love is a cool title? — and the cover art looks like a fake tattoo I would have thought was edgy when I was about nine or ten, but I’m not gonna write the entire endeavor off based on that alone.

Apocalyptic Love comes out May 22 on Slash’s own label, Dik Hayd International. I’m sure there’s a sophomoric joke there I’m not quite getting. Is it supposed to be a funny way of saying “dick hard” or something? [Thanks to everyone for pointing out it’s “decayed.” How did I not see that?]


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