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  • Axl Rosenberg

E. Town Concrete have released a new track called “Someone Tell ‘Em,” which I guess is their first single in nine years. I say “I guess” because I stopped paying close attention to E. Town Concrete the moment I first heard E. Town Concrete. After that they only came up in conversations that went something like “What time does the show start? Nine? And E. Town Concrete are on first? Okay, see you around ten.” I mean, I know there are people who LOVE this band, but I just don’t get it — it is bottom of the barrel thugcore stuff.

And this new song only reinforces my low opinion of E. Town Concrete. I mean, there’s a basic, boring riff, and some yodeling, and a lot of rapping, and a chorus that amounts to someone screaming “Don’t you know who I am?!?”, which, as everyone knows, are pretty much the saddest, lamest words you could ever unironically say aloud.

What, pray tell, do people find appealing about this?


[via Lambgoat]

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