Saturday Song to Get Stoned To


  • Kip Wingerschmidt

Pretty damn soon we will be writing a shitton of shiz about the annual shitfest known as SXSW (Shit by Shit-West), but let’s not forget that plenty more metal comes from plenty more spots in the dirty durty Sowf…….why just the other week the missus & I caught a sweet documentary directed by Rwake‘s own CT called Slow Southern Steel, which celebrates and examines the mentality, ethos, and joie de vivre of lovable rednecks who live, breathe, and shit heavy music.  The film went on a metal band-style tour (along with Zoaroaster & Hail! Hornet performing live), and whoops you missed it, ended its run on February 9th.  Sucks for YOU.  Hopefully the doc will find its way onto the waning DVD format and you can put your beady lil bug eyes on it soon enough….


Recently I reminded myself of the might and vicissitudinous majesty of the band Memfis, who I put on my top ten list for 2011.  Did you?  They rule.  Permit me to demonstrate:

And it got me thinking: how much metal comes out of Memphis???  Clearly, a lot.

But there’s also an indie group that takes its name from the other Sun city, a Broadway musical wowing purple-haired grannies (and my dad), and how could we forget this hip-hop gem from the early 90s?

However, despite all that I’m left wondering………what are the choice metal bands from Memphis, TN?????????  Google wasn’t much help.  My bros couldn’t think of any. I wish I had some kind of forum that could aid me in my quest……..maybe a website where I could pose such a query and dudes (and less than 10 dudettes) could suggest bands for my hungry earholes………guess I’ll just fist my bunghole while I think of a solution.


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