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<p>You guys may remember Slice the Cake, the progressive death metal band whose members actually live in three different countries, and who were praised by Vince just about <a href=two years ago. And we got an e-mail from a reader proclaiming the band’s debut full-length, The Man with No Face, his favorite release of 2012 so far… of course, I now can’t seem to find that e-mail so I can’t properly credit that reader (whoops sorry), but then I saw that the dudes at Heavy Blog is Heavy are way into the album, too, and I thought “Yeah well I’d better check this shit out.”

And, yeah, it’s really good! I wouldn’t call it the best album of 2012 thus far, but I’ve had the benefit of hearing a certain new release by a certain Swedish band with a Hebrew name, so I’m spoiled. Still, it’s hard not to admire Slice the Cake, as a) again, they live nowhere near one another, and yet they’ve still created this terrific, unified vision, and b) unlike a gajillion other young death tech bands — many of whom are signed — they don’t love the smell of their own farts to the point of making the listener feel as though there’s no song in the song. Even the clean vocals don’t really bother me, and I’m not exactly a fan of clean vocals in death metal. But The Man with No Face is good, good shit.

You can stream The Man with No Face below, and/or download it here for eleven bucks.


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