Completely Unreadable Band Logo of the Week



Horns up for reader Takao Ambe, who correctly identified last week’s logo as belonging to the band Чёрные Озёра. Yes, last week’s logo was in Russian, which was cheating, I suppose. (I also accepted the English translation of the band’s name, Black Lakes.) But some of you still managed to figure it out, so I tip my hat to you all. But only Takao gets a prize.

ANYWAY, this week I have another sweet prize for you all to Battle Royale-it out over: a limited edition foil poster for The Metal Suckfest, featuring the awesome artwork of Rodney Githens from Vertebrae 33 and Metal Band Art. It basically looks like this, except it’s black and silver foil instead of all those other colors, and the band’s names are all in this real swanky font, so you can fool your friends into thinking you’re not an immature nitwit after all, even though you still are. We only printed a hundred of these and don’t have any left, but I’m gonna be giving a few away over the course of the next several weeks. So consider this a very rare chance to snag one!

All you gots to do to win is identify the name of the band whose logo appears below, then shoot me an e-mail at axl AT metalsucks DOT net with your answer, your name, and your address. ALL ENTRIES WITHOUT AN ADDRESS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. From everyone who gets it right, we’ll randomly select one winner, and announce his or her name next week.

Of course, I’m gonna make you earn this shit. This is one of those logos that’s so hard that even I can’t read it, and I know what it allegedly says. I can’t tell you the name of the dude who sent it to me until next week ’cause he’s in the band and that would be a too-major clue, but I will give you three bigger-than-usual hints: Russian roulette, champagne, pocket watch. Best of luck!


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