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Do Americans know about Canadian hard rock megastars Big Wreck? I lived near Detroit for five years, where one of the city’s two big rock radio stations actually broadcasts from Windsor, Canada and plays a lot of homegrown artists. From that potentially warped perspective I felt like Big Wreck, and mainman Ian Thornley’s latter day solo band — Thornley — were a big deal, but since moving back to New York I can’t remember ever hearing anyone talk about them, except for the time a major label A&R guy told me the story about the humongous bidding war that erupted to originally sign them. So I put the question to you, fellow Americans: do you even know what the fuck I’m talking about?

Big Wreck broke up in 2002 after which Ian Thornley put together his solo band, but apparently they’ve gotten back together, which is news to me: new album Albatross came out yesterday!

You can listen to and buy the first single on Big Wreck’s official website and you can stream the entire new album via Spotify. The single is cool — it’s slow and bluesy, and Thornley’s Chris Cornell-ish croon sounds great — but don’t worry, the album’s got plenty of that signature thick, thick, thick Thornley distorted guitar. This is definitely Big Wreck, and they sound great.

Stream Big Wreck’s entire discography on Spotify to get yourself acquainted with this awesome band, then listen to Thornley’s album Come Again, just as good.


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