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You may recall that back in September, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton and DevilDriver/Coal Chamber vocalist Dez Fafara revealed that they were working together on “a bunch of KILLER tunes” that were said to be in the vein of Soundgarden and Trouble. Well, last night Morton tweeted that the project is called Born of the Storm. Additionally, he released links to two songs by the project, which, it has now been revealed, also features Kevin Talley on drums, per the Kevin Talley Must Be in Every Band Ever Act of 1998. Links for the two tracks are below; the second one, “Dust,” also features Morton on bass.

“Nowhere Fast”

The Soundgarden/Trouble comparison is certainly apt, and, at least musically, I dig what they’re doing. (I mean, I love Lamb of God, and the “Nowhere Fast” riff is not really that far off from something along the lines of “Redneck” or “Ghost Walking.”)  The biggest wild card turns out to Fafara, who doesn’t do any of the screaming he’s famous for, but, rather, actually sings. I appreciate that he doesn’t sound like a computer, and the kind of Zakk-Wylde-Doing-Ozzy-for-BLS thing he has going on during “Nowhere Fast” mostly works for me. “Dust”… not so much. Maybe it’s just ’cause the song is kind of a ballad, but it’s just too far on the wrong side of cheesy for me.

Download the songs and weigh-in with your thoughts below. It’s not currently clear what the future holds for this project, if anything.


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