Rampant Rumors



Take this with a grain of salt for now, but Heavy Blog is Heavy — who, I gotta say, have gotten mighty good at getting juicy gossip — has heard a rumor that a split between Pig Destroyer and The Black Dahlia Murder, said to have been put together six years ago, may soon be released. The split will feature each act doing three covers of punk songs, all recorded around the same time as the bands’ respective releases Terrifyer and Miasma.

The bad news about such a split is that neither band has the same line-up now that they did then — The Black Dahlia Murder, especially, have come a long way with the addition of drummer Shannon Lucas (one of the best in modern metal) and lead guitarist Ryan Knight.

The good news, of course, would be pretty much everything else. I loves me some Black Dahlia Murder and would obviously be excited to hear anything they put out. But at this point, I would happily impregnate a woman, wait nine months for her to give birth, and then offer that baby to Dino Cazares as a second-breakfast-time sacrifice if that’s what it took to hear something, anything, by Pig Destroyer that I’ve never heard before. (The band is supposed to finally release a new album this year, but I’m so scared that if I get my hopes up, come 2013 my heart will be broken yet again.) So fingers crossed this split turns out to be a really real thing!


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