Hipsters Out Of Metal!



Deftones singer Chino Moreno has been busy doing a few shows with his ††† (Crosses) project, whose rad second EP came out in January, as well as working up a new Deftones album. But into his tight schedule Moreno squeezed another project on March 7: marriage to his girlfriend Risa Mora awww.

It’s awesome news for fans of his music, who lo these many years have benefited from the pants-dropping/skirt-raising qualities of sexily violent Deftones jamz by Moreno the lover (more to come we hope), but it’s also potentially awesome since the turbulence of his previous marriages resulted in some harrowing, concussive Deftones classics (we don’t hope for more to come, but um you get what I’m saying).

Alas, the victims here are the heavily-tatted/-pierced, amply-bosomed girls who deafen me at every Deftones gig with their screamed pleas for entry into Moreno’s trousers; broken-hearted they must be at the end of another doomed romanic quest. O, who will love them? Wait a sec, I’ll totally love them. Here girls smoke this while I just click play here …


Get the tasty deluxe download of EP †† here and Deftones’ incredible Diamond Eyes record and lady-lubing merch here

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