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I owe some hearty thanks to Anso DF for rocking last week’s Shit That Comes Out Today for me after my computer went down. But today I’m back so let’s just put that behind us. Way behind us. Today’s hot new hard and heavy new releases come from Unsane, Rise And Fall, a Coliseum/Black Cross side project, and lots more.  Check it out after the ol’ page jump. 


Through the Archdemon’s Head (AIS)
On a playlist with: Solitude Aeternus, Trouble, Pilgrim
Listen Through The Archdemon’s Head full stream (here)

On this debut record Anguish is solid, but their style of doom isn’t exactly inspired or fresh. Each song’s slow, labored riffing will have you banging your head, but you can’t help but think it sounds familiar — because it sounds like a thousand other doom records. So Archdemon’s might not leave a lasting impression, but it makes an excellent tribute to the band’s predecessors.


Black God
II (No Idea Records)
On a playlist with:  The Didjits, Turbonegro, The Meatmen
Listen “Everyone’s A Friend” (here)

Any collaboration by members of Black Cross, Coliseum, and Young Widows will get my immediate attention. And Black God’s noisy, hooky post-punk recalls the late ‘80s/early ‘90s scene populated by Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu, just with better production. Like their debut, II spans six songs at under two minutes each and is paced with a tight musicianship and punk rock energy. So 12 minutes is totally not enough, but holy shit, what an awesome 12 minutes.


Dark Covenant
Eulogies For The Fallen (Perris)
On a playlist with:  Candlemass, Witchfinder General, Manowar
Listen “Ascension Denied” (here)

Dark Covenant’s debut record wears its influences on its sleeve, using the blueprint established by doom titans like Candlemass: The fusion of slow, marching grooves to ultra-operatic vocals. It’s uncharacteristic to see this kind of vocal delivery on a 2012 doom record, but if you can handle the vocals (I can!), then Eulogies is an impressive, epic dirge.


A Celebration Of Death (Abyss)
On a playlist with: Kalmah, Eye Of Solitude, Agalloch
Listen “Rites Of Ceres” (here)

The first album in sixteen years from Norway’s Fester is an interesting mix of black metal and winding, harmonious passages. The riffing never really takes off at the speeds usual for a metal band, and the guitar work is almost subdued. This results in equal parts brutality and melody, although the songs never really excel.  Nevertheless, I see a lot of good stuff on Celebration, so let’s hope they don’t break up again … I want to see what’s next for Fester.


Rise and Fall
Faith (Deathwish)
On a playlist with: Disfear, Rotting Out, Converge
Listen “Hidden Hands” (here)

Rise And Fall’s fourth full-length is a guttural blast of punk energy, metal power, and obvious passion. This is hardcore done right, and Faith sees the band continuing to channel annihilation and intensity into solid hardcore tracks.  Recorded by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou and released on Converge vocalist J. Bannon‘s Deathwish label (that’s his art on the cover), Faith has guest turns from Ballou, Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky, and Kevin Baker of The Hope Conspiracy.


Unsane - WreckUnsane
Wreck (Alternative Tentacles)
On a playlist with: Corrosion of Conformity, Orange Goblin, Torche
Listen Exclusive MetalSucks Wreck full stream (here)

Unsane has never been an easy band to describe, and Wreck doesn’t neatly fit into any genre categories either. Their blend of heavy, noisy stoner rock sounds like a conglomeration of early ‘90s alternative rock, stoner metal, and rock and roll, and Wreck doesn’t stray from that Unsane sound in any significant way. If anything, the songs are tighter than ever, as this is the third album to feature this lineup.



Betoken Days Of The Apocalypse (Perris)
Crawler Knight of the Word (Perris)
Deals Death Elite (Spinefarm)
Desultor Masters of Hate (Abyss)
Tribune Elder Lore/The Dark Arts (Corpse Corrosion)
Worm Ouroboros Come The Thaw (above, Profound Lore)


Shit That Comes Out Today returnes next Tuesday to tap and cap new releases from 3 Inches of Blood, Meshuggah, Black Breath, Overkill, and tons more.  

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