Hipsters Out Of Metal!



In quiet moments, I consider what songs to sing at karaoke with chicks (Journey, Aerosmith), with bros (David Lee Roth, Motley Crue), and with my fancy sister (Puffy, Garbage). It pays to think ahead cuz once you’re there, mic in hand and half in-the-bag, it’s easy to blank on ace jams; then you get stuck fumbling through some Green Day bullshit. And then chicks lulz, bros wince, and sister ditches on the bill. Never again.

I’ve also worked up a fantasy American Idol set list, which btw begins and ends with Jellyfish (here and here) thanks for asking, but now this drunk-ass guy in Canada (above) has opened my eyes to a big gap in my plans: I haven’t rehearsed at all for my next commute to jail! Shit man. What a horrible moment to be left scrambling for repertoire!

I’d probably be all angry and, struggling against my restraints, would opt for some angry rebel shit (herehere) that’d make me look tarded and, worse, would bore my audience of city officials. Unforgivable. But this beardo on IPA hits a grand slam with “Bohemian Rhapsody” (below, with music added): its tone the perfect note of tragic heroism, its nod to that scene in the Wayne’s World movie slickly hilarious.

And not only did hammered Canada bro land on the perfect show-stopper, but he rocks the entire jam — so maybe he anticipated his arrest and readied the Queen smash just for the occasion. A genius! I worship! BRB rehearsing “Promises” by Def Leppard (for squad car) and Ratt’s “Hard Time” (for cell). How about you?


[via Metal Insider]

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