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Sylosis are the fucking bomb. Fact! And they just keep getting better and better. Their 2008 debut Conclusion of Age caught my attention for its catchy brutality and deceptive complexity, and 2011’s Edge of the Earth improved and expounded upon that formula, ultimately netting the #12 slot on my favorite albums of the year list. Axl and I finally got to see them live in NYC and they kicked all sorts of ass, even down one guitarist. There’s a palpable buzz about this band in the MetalSucks inboxes, too; finally, it seems, this band is getting the recognition they deserve Stateside.

Now it appears that Sylosis are going to release their third album within only a year and a half of their second, as they’ve released a video teaser titled “Sylosis – III” showing the British lads in the recording studio. There aren’t any new song clips (unless the soundtrack is an album intro track or interlude or something), but I think it’s exciting enough on its own that Sylosis are back in the studio already; I can’t wait to hear what they’ll do next.


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