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Yeah, I said it — the song “Chosen Time,” from Jeff Loomis’ forthcoming Plains of Oblivion, is a power ballad. I know that categorization is a bad word to some people, but those people are fools. Sure, a bad power ballad can be painful, but really no more or less so than a bad breakdown.

And “Chosen Time” isn’t a bad power ballad — it’s a great power ballad. Before you listen to it, just accept that Christine Rhoads’ lyrics are a little cheesy (during the chorus, she rhymes the word “night” with the word… “night”) and give in. If it were 1992, this song would have a massively budgeted video with Jeff Loomis playing his solo from atop a mountain or something, and it would be on MTV three times every hour, and on the radio just as often. This is the kind of song that makes me sad people raise cell phones instead of cigarette lighters at concerts now.

Stream “Chose Time” here, then don’t be too macho to admit that you love it in our comments section below.

Plains of Oblivion comes out April 10 on Century. Loomis is currently part of a MetalSucks-sponsored tour with Protest the Hero, Periphery, The Safety Fire, and Today I Caught the Plague starting at the end of this month; get dates here.


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