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Hey Suck Nation! Welcome to this week’s Shit That Comes Out Today Yesterday! It’s an exciting pre-summer picnic for connoisseurs of all flavors of heaviness, with a massive spread of psychedelic rock, atmospheric black metal, deathcore, and guilty-pleasure pop metal. So don’t be shy! Gorge thyself on tasty new shit from Ancestors, Job For A Cowboy, Mpire Of Evil, and more more more after the jump! 


In Dreams And Time (Tee Pee)
On a playlist with: Earth, Los Natas, Tia Carrera
Listen “Whispers” (here)

Awesome psychedelic jamming and haunting, piano-laced soundscapes keep Ancestors’ new record fresh but still familiar. Last year’s Invisible White EP was a more subdued record, which might’ve worried some that the band was headed toward a more atmospheric sound. In Dreams And Time combines the group vocals and keyboards of Invisible White, but also relies on the incredible Ancestors guitars and drums. So songs are even more dynamic and the mix even fuller, which results in a bigger, badder Ancestors. We can just sit back, grab a beer, light a fire, and get weird.


The Strange Case Of… (Atlantic)
On a playlist with: Avenged Sevenfold, The Donnas, Sixx A.M.
Listen “Love Bites (And So Do I)” (here)

I was kind of surprised to learn of Halestorm when I started researching this week’s STCOT. They’re on a huge label (Atlantic) and I’ve never even heard the name? Weird. But now I know that Halestorm is female-fronted heavy metal/hard rock with obvious radio appeal. The band doesn’t chart any new territory here, but theirs is tight, heavy pop. They could blow up.


Job For A Cowboy
Demonocracy (Metal Blade)
On a playlist with: Suicide Silence, The Red Chord, Aborted
Listen Demonocracy full stream (here)

Demonocracy resumes the punishing Job For A Cowboy death metal style, via punishingly fast beats, riffage, and vocals. Amid all its aggression, their third album adds impressive technical and melodic lead guitar work, giving JFAC a stance apart from the death metal pack.


Mpire Of Evil
Hell To The Holy (Scarlet)
On a playlist with: Overkill, Doomriders, The Crown
Listen Hell To The Holy full stream (here)

Metal bands have been borrowing stylistic elements of rock and roll forever. Too often, the mixture sounds forced or unnecessary. And Mpire of Evil, a new thrash band featuring ex-members of Venom, fuses rock and roll riffage with early thrash grooves. Overall, Hell To The Holy lands near early Venom, and that’s just fine!


Nadiwrath and Hexenmeister
Raze The Cosmic Inexistence (Moribund)
On a playlist with: Astarot, Elhaz, Nattefrost
Listen Hexenmeister “Elegy To The Echoes (Part 3)” (here)

A split release doesn’t quite make sense when its bands sounds alike. But this split by Greece’s Nadiwrath and Ukraine’s Hexenmeister visits each end of the black metal spectrum: Nadiwrath goes hard, with distinctive blast beats and grotesque vocals; Hexenmeister is more drony and atmospheric. So Raze The Cosmic Inexistence (wha?) is a great document of black metal’s breadth and possibility.


Upon A Burning Body
Red White Green (Sumerian)
On a playlist with: Whitechapel, Veil Of Maya, Pathology
Listen “Sin City” (here)

Are you hungry for slamcore? Yeah? Great! Take two helpings of Upon A Burning Body. You get chunky deathcore that soundtracks all your spinkicks in the pit and br00tal vocals about real hardcore shit, man. You’re pumped!



Accept Stalingrad (Nuclear Blast)
Arctic Plateau Enemy Inside (Prophecy)
Demon Hunter True Defiance (Solid State)
Dirge Within There Will Be Blood (Rocket Science)
Emmure Slave To The Game (MetalSucks review here, Victory)
Enid Munsalvaesche (Aural)
Enthroned Obsidium (Agonia)
Evenoire Vitriol (Scarlet)
Exumer Fire And Damnation (Metal Blade)
Fastway Eat Dog Eat (Steamhammer/SPV)
Genenna Murder (Peaceville)
Graf Orlock Los Angeles 7″ (Vitriol)
Hellvetron Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties (Hell’s Headbangers)
Ignitor Year Of The Metal Tiger (MVD)
Inverloch Dusk Subside (Relapse)
Jeff Loomis Plains Of Oblivion (Century Media)
Killerfix Bridge Of Disorder (Made In Germany)
Lullacry Where Angels Fear (End Of The Light)
Municipal Waste Fatal Feast (MetalSucks review here, Nuclear Blast)
Murder Bay Never Was An Angel (Megaforce)
One Year Later Sound Of A Broken World (Phantom)
Opeth Blackwater Park CD/DVD reissue (The End)
Opeth Damnation CD/DVD reissue (The End)
Opeth Deliverance CD/DVD reissue (The End)
Pelican Ataraxia/Taraxis EP (Southern Lord)
Rattleshake Rattleshake (Megaforce)
The Safety Fire Grind The Ocean (Inside Out)
Schwarzer Engel Traume Eine Nacht (End Of The Light)
Secrets Of the Moon Seven Bells (above, Prophecy)
Stone Axe II (1-2-3-4 GO)
Svartsyn True Legend (Agonia)
Taproot Episodes (Victory)
Trucker Diablo Devil Rhythm (Ripple)
True Witness The Human Condition (Dark Star)
Ulverheim Nar Dimman Lattar (Soulseller)


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