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The theme of this week’s STCOT is borrowed from a sign at my favorite Korean restaurant: TRY IT YOU LIKE IT! Yes, free-thinking metalheads, be not afraid of this week’s exotic heavy new releases: An exciting reissue from Darkthrone comes with a commentary disc, like some black metal Shark Night 3-D blu-ray; Aeges delivers aggression and hooks in equal parts; Primal Rock Rebellion shows that a band’s name isn’t representative of their awesomeness; and Ufomammut drop the classic first half of a double album. Grab your chopsticks and start shoveling after the jump.


Absolute Monarchs
1 (Good To Die)
On a playlist with: Baroness, Swan King, Cave In
Listen 1 full stream (here)

Sitting tenuously between being an indie rock and a sweet proggy rock, Absolute Monarchs deliver a cool dual-guitar group dynamic, but there’s no denying that this album will appeal more to indie hipsters than metalheads. There are engaging guitar parts and shades of aggression, but 1‘s clean, poppy mix puts it outside the STCOT coverage umbrella. But it’s good.


The Bridge (Mylene Sheath)
On a playlist with: Goes Cube, Torche, Helmet
Listen “Wrong” (here)

To many jackasses, metal is just that thing that’s loud and fast and has cookie monster vocals.  Then they listen to a band like Aeges and on pops the lightbulb in their heads: Metal doesn’t need to ignore hooks and melodies like the plague. And Aeges mixes great melodies with heavy, aggressive stuff we all love. Which makes sense from Aeges aces like Pelican’s Larry Herweg, Mark Holcomb (Shift, Undertow) and Tony Bauermeister of 16.


Plaguewielder 2CD (Peaceville)
On a playlist with: Emperor, Hennes Siste Host, Immortal
Listen “Wreak” (here)

Considered Darkthrone’s first departure from pure black metal, 2001’s Plaguewielder found the Norwegian duo embracing heavy metal tempos and a less primitive (but still primal) aesthetic. Call it Darkthrone’s steps into adulthood and all the excitement and dread implied by that term. But shit, we’ll leave the terms to Nocturno and Fenriz themselves because this reissue comes with a “commentary” disc, on which the duo discuss Plaguewielder‘s life and times. Backed hard! More of this please.


Three & Seven (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with: Alienation Cold, Pensées Nocturnes, Annorkoth
Listen “Living Portrait” and “Dreamland In Flames” (here)

Brooklyn’s Occultation should be heard to be understood. It’s the bones of black metal maelstrom with the bloody body of gothic psyche rock. Three & Seven‘s female vocals are eerie and dreary, the guitarist plays individual notes with the vibration and echo of a low-fi ’70s record. It’s a cool vibe … if you daaaaare.


Primal Rock Rebellion
Awoken Broken (Spinefarm)
On a playlist with: Primal Fear, Lordi, Twisted Sister
Listen “No Place Like Home” (here), “I See Lights” (here)

Though their band name makes you want to, do not skip over Primal Rock Rebellion, a new project from Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith and SikTh vocalist Mikee Goodman. Awoken Broken is awesome heavy metal led by Smith’s incredible guitars, while Goodman’s vocals are a refreshing change from the norm: He alternates ranges, and sprinkles in falsetto wails and roars — sometimes all at the same time. Unique albums like this demand a fair day in court. Meet you in the jury box.


Oro: Opus Primum (Neurot)
On a playlist with: Zoroaster, U.S. Christmas, Hull
Listen Oro: Opus Primum full stream (here)

Ufomammut’s sprawling space-doom has grown consistently over last releases, and now the band is releasing their latest work in two parts — today’s Oro: Opus Primum and Oro: Opus Alter (set for September). While it’s difficult to critique part of a work, we can clearly hear a sizable jump for the Italy band from 2010’s Eve. For starters, Opus Primum‘s eerie keyboard/sound effect intro — at almost seven minutes — shows you it is sure to be an epic. Contrasting the keys, atmospherics, and melodies are the crushing low-end guitar and bass. A great juxtaposition.



Antropofagus Architecture of Lust (Comatose)
Becoming The Archetype Celestial Progression EP (SolidState)
Black Spiders Sons Of The North (Dark Riders)
DaiTribe Epochalypse A.D. (True Gemini)
Dodheimsgard Supervillain Outcast (Peaceville)
Dog Shredder Brass Tactics (Good To Die)
Dragonforce The Power Within (Roadrunner)
Gory Blister Earth-Sick (Bakerteam)
Hollow Earth We Are Not Humanity EP (Panic)
Leukemia Love (Vic)
Supermercado Cupacabra (Dark Star)


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