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For Sleeping or Jumping

We’ve had a lot of readers emailing us about upstart Massachusetts outfit For Sleeping or Jumping over the past few weeks. There’s no doubt that some of that attention has to do with the fact that Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman and Glassjaw producer Ryan Seigel worked on their new EP, Dead Languages. But MetalSucks readers have bullshit detectors like no other, and if For Sleeping or Jumping’s music didn’t stand on its own then I’m positive this band wouldn’t be generating such a palpable buzz.

Turns out the buzz is well-founded: what I’ve heard of Dead Languages so far is incredibly energetic, frenetic, brutally heavy and technical in much the same way as the producers’ better known projects. Take a listen to “Bone of Contention,” which premiered last week at Metal Insider, and you’ll immediately understand why dudes from The Dillinger Escape Plan and Glassjaw were so anxious to work with For Sleeping or Jumping. Then watch the new music video for another song, “Beardrops,” at Alternative Press and you’ll understand why folks are so excited about this band. I’m picking up on all sorts of influences from these guys; there’s DEP and Glassjaw all over, sure, but I’m getting some serious Helmet, Quicksand and Botch vibes as well.

Check out both songs, then come back here and tell us what you think. Dead Languages comes out May 15th and will be available for purchase here.


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