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Prosthetic Records

On Friday we posted some live footage and band interviews from the Scion-sponsored Prosthetic Records label showcase in L.A. featuring Holy Grail, Scale the Summit, Last Chance to Reason and The Greenery. But we completely missed a whole other segment of videos from this series which, much like the Nuclear Blast series Scion released, takes you behind the scenes of the label’s operations through really interesting interviews with their staff. Watch below to learn about Prosthetic’s process for seeking out and signing new bands, their thoughts on how new recording technology has changed the metal landscape, and the role of social media and new styles of marketing in metal.

Listening to the staff of Prosthetic Records speak in these three videos, you’ll understand why I’m often so quick to praise Prosthetic as one of the more forward-thinking labels in metal. Plus, as an added bonus, you get to hear an employee of Prosthetic acknowledge the merits of Spotify; whoops!


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