Later this week we’ll be publishing an interview with Trioscapes bassist Dan Briggs (also of some obscure band with the incredibly stupid name “Between the Buried and Me”), in which Briggs and I chat about how Trioscapes came together, the musical influences that inspired this project, the future of jazz fusion in the “metal” scene and more.

But until then you’ll have to live with this live video — and by “live video” I mean the audio was actually recorded live as they played — of Trioscapes jamming out the track “Blast Off” from their new album Separate Realities. This band, album, and video are all pretty mind-blowing — they continue to impress me on a daily basis — so watch the video above and allow your mind to expand. And if that’s not enough for you, is now streaming the album’s slammin’ title track. All hail The Great Jazz Fusion Metal Revolution of 2012.

More Trioscapes music + pre-orders here. Separate Realities comes out May 8th.


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