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  • Anso DF

I got into Lostprophets’ heavy first album cuz from its opening seconds, I was transported back to my high school buds’ old living room where snowboard and skate videos played on a steady loop. LP just had that vibe, like the random, slightly out-of-tune bands that soundtracked videos of Danny Way calmly vaulting the goddamn Gulf Of Mexico or whatever, bands with half-clever names like Alligator Gun or Hammerbox, bands which you’d find out had only one good song after tracking down their EP on Go-Kart or Cruz.

Click play and you can almost see a rich white super-brah riding a sun-soaked, powder-covered mountain. Insert Whiskey-esque hijinks clips if u wish.

Despite being nu metal and Euro, Lostprophets had like ten awesome songs, but that phase of LP was short-lived: For their sophomore album they teamed with Good Charlotte producer Eric Valentine (ex-drummer of this awesome band) then Bob Rock for their third, and both albums were slick, haircut hard rock for sad cutters and Laguna Beach fans (me). It’s weird that a not-really successful band like LP had such a huge budget, but suits me find cuz studs like Valentine and Rock are masters of great hooky rock. Bonerz!

Atypically heavy but typically shrill Lostprophets jam. Endure the verses for the chorus YOLO.

And though Lostprophets is no longer on big money Epic Records, their parade of cherry producers continues on upcoming fifth album, Weapons (out June 19). It’s helmed by fucking Ken Andrews, who was in that ’90s heavy-alt band Failure (no care sorry) and then did those awesome ON records (with former Season To Risk and Eels guys) and Year Of The Rabbit. (Oh there also was The Replicants with ex-Tool bassist Paul D’Amour and it says here that he got a credit for editing Tool’s “Prison Sex” video.) And as you can tell from its first single, “Bring ‘Em Down” (top, own it here), Weapons is Andrews-grade catchy. Sweet! High fives! U jam?

If u don’t jam this delightful song, get your boner checked. It might be broken.


See Lostprophets this summer on Warped Tour 2012 (info here). Weapons is out June 19 on Fearless Records. Pre-order here and get “Bring ‘Em Down” here now

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