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Liquorworks refer to themselves as “a Finnish progressive metal project,” which is terrifically vague in this day and age; the truth is, if you Google this instrumental band, the first page that comes up will be from, and while Liquorworks certainly wouldn’t seem out of place on tour with djent bands, neither did Jeff Loomis. In other words, I don’t think Liquorworks should be defined by their djentiness; especially when so many of their other elements are just as distinct and pleasurable. For example, as I type this, I am listening to a song called “Deranged Organ of Intoxicated Organist” (from last year’s Nonsense), and at the 2:10 mark, the song just hits my elephants-marching-g-spot in SUCH A MAJOR WAY. Immediately after, they go into a quiet, spacey, gentle rain of a section. And then, yes, they get Meshuggah-y for a spell — but even then, they include what sound like psychopathic circus organs. And then the guitars become acoustic.

So, yeah. This band is painting on a canvass a mite wider than just “djent.” Check ’em out:

If you have Spotify, you can listen to both Nonsense and the band’s other EP, Moist Computer (album art to your right),  here. If you don’t, you can check out some of their stuff on their Facebook page. The band is working on a new full-length “will be released around 2012-2013.”


Major props to the reader calling himself “Homeless Man” for sending us the Spotify link.

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