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Like Cannabis Corpse, Poland’s Belzebong have a hilarious name that’s almost too-clever for its own good, and while that might be enough to initially grab your attention, you would never, of course, actually listen to them unless the music were good. So, terrific news: Bezelbong make really, really fun music, on top of having a too-clever name.

As the title of their EP, Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves, would suggest, Belzebong’s vocal-free sound is powered by massive, fuzzy riffs, full of swing and groove, the kind of stuff that’s heavy enough to piss off your neighbors, tasty enough to get your head bobbing uncontrollably, and slow enough not to harsh your buzz. The riffs are always catchy, always draw you in, and spacey sound effects add just enough texture to differentiate Belzebong from a thousand other bands all try to do something similar. Like a lot of stoner metal, it can get a little redundant at times — I’m not sure the track “Acid Funeral” needs to be almost twelve minutes long, for example — but like a lot of stoner metal, you’re likely not to even notice assuming you’re listening under the right, uh, conditions.

You can stream and/or download Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves right here. But like I said… make sure you get right first!


Thanks to Tim for the tip!

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