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Photo by Claire Greenaway. How did her lens survive this vicious attack?!?!

Aerosmith, which now appears to consist of four post-menopausal old ladies who have retired to Las Vegas and the remains of Joe Perry, have debuted a new single, called “Legendary Child.” It’s not the worst thing you’ve ever heard, but I wouldn’t call it “good,” either. The truth is, these dudes ran out of new ideas a long, long time ago, and now Steven Tyler, who is sixty-four, is at a point where he apparently can’t think of anything better to sing about than when he was seventeen. In all fairness, I guess the inner-workings of American Idol would probably not make very good fodder for a rock n’ roll song?

Or would they? “Jennifer Lopez is a total bitch/ She’s leaving the show although it made her rich…” Holy shit, this crap practically writes itself!


[via Noisecreep]

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