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Anyone in the mood for some groove? Then boy oh boy, do we have a treat for you: a new Whitechapel song, entitled “I, Dementia.” This is actually my least favorite song on the album, because it’s the one that feels the most stereotypically deathcore — but I still think it’s pretty catchy (as you may be aware, I’m a sucker for a good elephants marching riff). Really, no one is more surprised than I am that I’m actually digging this record. Let that be an indication to you: the guy who hates everything likes this!!! So you should at least give it a listen, kids.

Headbang here, then weigh in with your thoughts below. Whitechapel comes out June 19 on Metal Blade. If you haven’t already done so, you should go here and enter our contest to win a super-duper-awesome Whitechapel vaporizer… y’know, for tobacco products.


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